An Innovation App
to streamline your ideas

No more black box:
Provide transparency, speed and accountability.
build without

Unknown Innovation Risk

Stay blind and keep within old silos.

Rely on Individuals

Hope for lucky initiatives by single employees.

Decide on job titles

Look at pretty slides with personal bias.

build with

Well-understood Innovation Risk

Monitor and compare innovation KPIs.

Rely on Structure

Build ideas with anyone in a multistep process.

Decide on market feedback

Look at ratings based on customer insights.

Get Insights on your Innovation Initiatives

  • Multipurpose Layout

    Stay informed with a customized dashboard for Managers and Sponsors.

  • Insights & Statistics

    Access relevant KPIs on the innovation process, single ideas and timelines. ā€‹

  • Rating & Selection

    Score initiatives and provide feedback to the innovation team.

Shape Image
Shape Image

Build on a structured Innovation Process

Test as many ideas as possible against customers and identify potential rising stars. Our specialised innovation process streamlines your efforts from ideation to product launch.

Discover the widgets

  • 6-Step Process
  • Innovation Metrics
  • Idea-Sponsorships
  • Ideation Backlog
  • Whiteboard-Integration
  • Customer Experiments

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